Top 5 Android Apps This Year

Android being one of the most popular mobile OS around these days, more and more app developers are turning to Android app development and exploit the opportunities in this particular market. With more than 3.3 million apps to have already featured on Google Play Store, it’s not just increasing the competition but also offers a lot of options to the Android users to try different apps for different chores. From stock Android apps to the custom developed ones, the options are literally endless. However, if you are interested in finding out which of these mobile apps have topped the list this year, here we have top 5 apps that you should definitely take a look at.

  1. Nova Launcher

When it comes to the Launcher apps for Android, Nova Launcher tops the list with a big margin. Being there on the Play Store for years, it has maintained its position even today and a large number of Android users actually show their trust in this app. It’s a smooth, lightweight app that comes with lots of different customizations. You can also download different icon packs from Play Store directly to change the appearance of your launcher as well.

The app also extends support for customizing app-drawer and features notification badges, scrollable dock, icon and folder customizations, and a lot of different gestures to make things easier for you when it comes to using this app. The app is completely free to download but if you can choose to go with the paid version, it unlocks quite a few new features including a few locked gestures as well which aren’t accessible in the free version.

  1. Alarmy

If you often have trouble waking up early every morning, Alarmy is the app you should definitely go for. The app is a perfect alternative to many online alarm options around. And, it’s not like many other simple alarm apps that you might have tried earlier. It has a robust mechanism that ensures you can never put your alarm clock on snooze again. The app actually requires you to take a picture of some object and register it before you have to snap it every morning for confirmation to turn the alarm off. During all that, you will definitely have your eyes wide opened.

  1. Google Duo

The Google Duo takes pride in being the best Android app available today for video calling. It has a pretty simple interface and logging into the app is quite simple as well. Once you have verified your number, making quick video calls to your friends and family members will certainly look like a breeze. It’s all pretty similar to making typical phone calls as you normally do. The app comes with a unique feature called ‘Knock Knock’ as well. It allows you to have live previews of callers even before you can receive their call. Now, that’s something you must have not seen with any other app available at Play Store.

  1. ES File Explorer

Yes, we all need file explorers on our Android devices for one reason or another. And, if you are looking for one too, ES File Explorer makes for a popular file manager on Android and comes equipped with all necessary features. There is a Space Analyzer which can help you in freeing up some important space on the device’s storage. You can also use the app for sharing media files with other users of the ES explorer app when on the same Wi-Fi connection. There is a cool App Manager feature incorporated into it that allows you to easily uninstall apps or back them up. If you have root privileges, you can even use the ES explorer to uninstall different system apps as well. The Root Explorer feature of the app unlocks quite a few different functionalities on the rooted devices. One drawback of the app, however, is that it shows lots of ads that may prove to be quite intrusive to your overall experience. But if you can have peace with this one drawback, the rest of the features are what you can’t live without for sure.

  1. Xender

Xender has become an essential app for Android users nowadays. When you have Xender installed on your device, you are actually saved from that trouble of carrying a data cable with you all the time for exchanging files with your PC. Yes, Xender doesn’t require you to have any PC-side software for sending or receiving files from or to your Android device. Furthermore, it is so much faster compared to Bluetooth transfers between devices courtesy its cross-platform support. Overall, it really makes for a perfect app to have up your arsenal.

So, if you have been waiting for some endorsements for the best Android apps of the year, you must give these top 5 apps a try. They all have some cool and unique features that you must be interested in. You can only find out if they are the best or not once you will actually experience using them. So, give it a try!

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