Efficient Auto-Scheduling


Being a NEMT business owner is a very time consuming and stressful job, especially when you are still growing and can’t afford that much workforce. With daily tasks like scheduling, dispatching, auditing, coordinating with brokerages and quality control, there is very little time for an owner to get a break!

That is why through the advancements of technology, IT companies are developing scheduling and dispatching software designed to reduce the amount of time on menial tasks so that you can focus on what is most important within the company, the clients.


With client conscious non-emergency medical software, you can be assured that not only could you be saving time and money, but also improving the experience of your clients at the same time. You can help them by improving ride times, automatically notifying them of appt dates, ensuring that the client information is accurate within a database, and obviously reducing the amount of daily confusion.

That is why it is important to be researching all possible NEMT software solutions, like one of the most important features that NEMT software can offer, the auto-scheduler module. Hybrid IT’s auto-scheduler module allows you to completely cut your scheduling time in half or even more!

Hybrid IT’s auto-scheduler does this by allowing the NEMT owner or dispatcher to set a dataset algorithm with fields like which drivers to select, mile radius from the city, how much time allotted between trips, and distance from each trip. These parameters are used by the auto-scheduling software to assign trips to drivers in a logical and timely manner.

The auto-scheduling will assign approximately 75% of the trips with the algorithm and then the dispatcher or owner reviews the schedule and assigns the last trips themselves. Not every auto-scheduler is perfect nor is it the same, it is important to distinguish that because some are better at processing than others.

Another important tip when choosing an auto-scheduling software is you should always request a trial version to try it out for yourself, no matter how well the live demo goes. Live demos can only get you part of the way there when searching for software, but you should always test out a scheduling/dispatching software for at least a week, but hopefully more.

In summary, technology has begun advancing enough so that NEMT owners can begin to alleviate all the time spent and stress expended. So, whenever a NEMT owner has the finances and has grown enough, they should always inquire about non-emergency medical software, because manual dispatching/scheduling may work for you, but the software could really surprise with how much time it saves the dispatcher and owner daily. Even if you don’t like the software, at least browse the NEMT software market and see what improvements and features that have been added and how NEMT software could impact your business.

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