Do you want a healthy but delicious breakfast? Go for this banana dessert

Do you think breakfast is boring? If yes, you are wrong because if you will have this banana dessert breakfast, you will surely ask it again. This breakfast dessert is quite yummy and healthy as well so you do not need to count calories but to enjoy its exceptional taste.

Well, you can make your order of such desserts on any online cake shop in Andheri West that provides its customers with cake home delivery so you do not have to bother yourself about the delivery.

We prefer CakenGifts in such situations because it provides its customers with great cakes at an affordable price. Anyway, we were talking about the amazing banana dessert that can get you energized in the morning for your entire day.

Let us get started!

#1) It is much more than dessert, yum and nutrients have merged

If you ask us for the dessert, we will tell you it has a spongy layer topped with whipped cream and chocolate but if you will ask us about this breakfast dessert, you will get crunch sticks, raw banana, chocolate crumbs and more that is enough and skyrocketing for breakfast.

If you feel that having the same dessert every day is being bored to you, this banana breakfast dessert is only for you. It is gonna rock your day for sure.

The merge of cupcake, raw banana and crunch stick with added cream is doing the magic it serves on your breakfast table. You will adore this because its taste and way it is decorated attract people surely towards this.

#2) Is it worth a try? It will get too heavy

If this is what is circulating in your mind when you are wrong because this dessert seems too much on your breakfast table but it is gonna benefit you a lot.

Have not you heard? 2 bananas can give you the energy to continuously work for 12 hours. Anyway, we should go in too deep because we want fun, not seriousness.

You will get chocolate, cherries, banana, crunch choco sticks and white cream what else you want. Go for this undoubtedly and if you feel it will get too heavy, let me tell you it will reduce your fat and improve your mental strength.

#3) Did you noticed choco sticks? They are awesomely yummy

Let us go back to our childhood, what do you see? You had different stuff like candy, jelly, gems, popcorns and if you forget choco sticks. They were the best part of childhood and it still can be with this banana breakfast dessert at a cake shop in Andheri East.

These sticks are as usual, crunchy and give a priceless satisfaction. If we are not wrong, it will be tempting. We suggest you go to this dessert undoubtedly.


Well, you finally understand how amazing this banana breakfast dessert is and how it can bring you the real fun you are expecting from desserts. We suggest you go and get this dessert to make your every day special.

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