What is your review of Bluedart courier service?

My impression on BlueDart, the courier service is really bad.

I was waiting for my Icici Bank credit card to be delivered from Mumbai to Hyderabad thru blue dart. The courier office also not response on call. Don’t know why our Indian banks are choosing such a bad services company where they do not deliver the bank debit cards/Credit Cards to their customers.

How does BlueDart delivery service work?



As per Narsingi location status update Shipment Arrived 13 Oct 2018 09:30AM. On the same date 13 Oct 2018 16:25PM They mentioned that the Delivery On Next Business Day. But on the same date 13 Oct 2018 22:45PM Shipment Redirected On Same Awb to Tolichowki.

On Date 14 Oct 2018 10:14AM Tolichowki Location is Shipment Arrived and 10:27AM Shipment out for Delivery. I was waiting my ICICI card whole day after shipment was out for delivery.  But they didn’t delivered to my home and In the Evening hours again i checked the status it is shows 14 Oct 2018 18:43PM the status changed to Holiday, Delivery On Next Business Day. i checked with waybill no on date 14 Oct 2018 19:49PM Shipment Redirected On Same Awb.

My shipment is not delivered yet and They are redirected from one location to other location.

Waybill No: 35372623064

Reference No:0041051018H08982

Pickup Date:11 Oct 2018

Review Date: 15 Oct 2018 (Not Delivered yet)

Review Update Date: 16 Oct 2018

Today I have again checked with waybill no and they are returned the document without attempting to deliver to the customer. See the below screenshot.

In no way ever rely on Blue Dart courier service. If you know that your bank is sending you the debit cards/Credit Cards, ask them to send your debit cards/Credit Cards through other couriers or even through Indian Post Office Register post at least. Better rely on Government Post Offices which we will be delivered on time without any troubles or follow-ups.

These people don’t deliver at home, correct day, even they will prefer the place to come and collect… they don’t value customer time, my important document was delayed due to them.

It is the most unreliable courier service.  Don’t ever make mistake taking bluedart service. Never ever!

So I would rate BlueDart 1/10 they are really pathetic.

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