Kitchen Renovation Ideas For A Whole New Look

Kitchens make an integral part of any modern home and whether you have a separate room designated for a kitchen or you just have an open kitchen space, you always want to maintain it in good shape. However, most of us usually find kitchen renovations and makeovers quite daunting considering the amount of time and money they need us to spend. Well, that shouldn’t always be the case as you can come across some simple and cool renovation ideas for your kitchen space to ensure that it doesn’t just look pleasant to the eye but serves the ultimate function at the same time as well.

So, what options do you have to renovate your kitchen to have a whole new look? Let’s check out.

  1. Update The Doors Of Your Kitchen Cabinet

In case if the kitchen cabinets are still good enough, you can try out different options to give them a facelift and impart some sense of style into them. A quick pop of texture and color may very well do the job for you. Even though you can always replace the door fronts of your kitchen cabinets to achieve the same results, keeping the costs down may be on top of your list. In that case, you may want to do a paint job to have a quick facelift and see a transition of your country casual kitchen cabinets into something sleek and modern. Here are a few options that you can try with your cabinet doors to update them.

  • Paint It Out: You can apply primer to your wooden cabinet doors first and then paint it in your desired color after the primer has dried out. Don’t close the cabinet doors for next 24 hours so that the paint gets completely dry and you have that ultimate finish you were looking for in the first place.
  • Use Plastic Wraps: Another quick and easy way of updating the doors of your kitchen cabinet cost-effectively is to wrap it all with beautiful plastic wraps. You can easily find some of the coolest self-adhesive wraps in the market and go for a DIY project to take advantage of these. Before you make a purchase, however, make sure that you use some quality online calculators to determine the area you have to cover and then buy accordingly. This really is a clever trick to achieve the desired results and you can find these wraps in a variety of designs making it easier for you to find something that meets your specific aesthetic requirements.
  • Change Door Handles: This one may require you to play around with some tools, but it is still a good option for you to consider. A simple replacement of handles will make an impact on overall look of your kitchen cabinets and will make them more visually appealing.


  1. Add Beautiful Worktops

The beautiful worktops can really lift the visual appeal of any kitchen space if you are able to make the right choice. Just make sure that you find something which complements the existing design of your kitchen to perfection and makes an entirely new and cool fashion statement. Even though it can be a bit costly to change the worktops, it will give your kitchen a noticeably renovated look.

  1. Bring In Some New Tiling

If the kitchen tiles have worn off or you just don’t like the kind of feel they add to your kitchen space, you can personalize them to your liking. Whether you want a complete update or you are just focusing on splashback, bringing new tiling into your kitchen will do the trick for you. From wood effect to geometric to neutrals, you have all sorts of options to consider.

So, whether you want a quick facelift for your kitchen or want to indulge in an expensive kitchen renovation project, there are all sorts of options available to you. It’s just the matter of what makes better sense for you and gives you a stylish new look that you are actually interested in. Try one of the options discussed above and you will surely get a kitchen space that pampers your style buds and makes you happy.

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