Intuitive Features like Driver’s Time Slots

The NEMT software industry is a constantly upgrading machine that strives to be as efficient as possible, with the best price point available. Still the pricing is relatively high as a whole for the industry. One way the NEMT industry attempts to combat the high prices is by offering a bunch of intuitive features that really add value to the product. They offer features like GPS Tracking, dispatch Android app/iPhone app, route matching, customer/facility portals, batch selection of trips, and of course driver’s time slots.

You may ask what makes these features valuable and intuitive? Well for starters, you may not expect to get these features in the base price of most software companies and most will charge extra and not even offer them. Hybrid IT offers almost all of these features without additional price, because we understand what it is like to run a non-emergency transportation company and know the struggles that owners experience on a day to day basis. We understand that all these features are necessary to running a fully functioning NEMT business.

GPS tracking is an absolute must and should be a deal breaker if the software you are looking for doesn’t offer it for free, because it is truly that important to know where your drivers are at all times. This allows you to make educated decisions on the fly as to not impede on your productivity.

The dispatch Android app/iPhone app is necessary because it enables GPS tracking, it allows drivers to remotely see their schedules and change the status of trips on their end, allows for fuel tracking, records hours and labor, and can communicate directly with the dispatcher. This is truly one of the most important features for NEMT software and without it, you won’t be nearly as productive.

Route matching allows your scheduler to pull information from last week’s schedule and compare it with the information your received for the current day and match the trips with previous trips. This feature saves you a bunch of time and a bunch of money by just cutting down the steps it takes to schedule trips.

Customer/Facility portals are very useful for companies that want to automate as much of their company as possible. The customer/facility portal allows private clients and facilities to book, change, and cancel trips without having to call you, just immediately make changes instantly. One note about customer/facility portals is that it will usually cost more money, because more programming is required.

Batch Selection of trips is a fairly simple one, this feature just allows the dispatcher to select multiple trips at a time and make changes to all of them all at once. This can save the dispatcher a lot of time and hassle. Truly it just removes repetition from your daily life and makes it easier.

The last feature is the driver’s time slots. The drivers’ time slots gives the dispatcher a visual representation of the daily schedule that they can see directly from their non-emergency medical transportation software. This can greatly reduce the time it takes for your dispatcher to determine if they have space in the schedule for an addon.

As you can see all of these features are intuitive and have real world applications that can help you with daily operations.

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