3 Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

To check on your own, you may be tempted to drive to the dealer every time something seems wrong. Here are a few serious mistakes with car maintenance you need to avoid otherwise you’ll end up jeopardizing the smooth operation of your vehicle.

When your vehicle does what it’s meant to, admit it. Things can go wrong if you overlook it completely. And in such cases, the parts fail without any warning. Most of the drivers are guilty of ignoring problems with their cars in some way or the other. Here’s a list of some common car maintenance issues. So let’s dive in;

Driving with Burned-out Lights

It’s quite inexpensive to replace light bulbs as compared to most other car maintenance expenditure. So if the light bulb isn’t working, just replace it. With no light bulbs, you won’t be able to see. You can also check the signal indicators as it’ll clue you in if something’s wrong there.

When they burn out, pull out the owner’s manual & replace them. Driving on a burned-out light is just extra stress you don’t want to take and getting hit as another driver couldn’t see you is ridiculous.

Look Out for Electricity Stuff

In your house, you won’t tackle a wiring project without turning off the power at the source. The same process applies to your car. As per the automotive pros, the current in your vehicle isn’t really strong enough to hurt you. But you must always be on the safe side assuming that you could sustain injury. If you don’t get an electrical shock, that doesn’t either mean that you can start an electrical fire, or perhaps overload the wiring or other electrical components for no reason.

So make sure your car is off when it needs to be turned off and disconnect the battery’s negative cable as well. In case you have a hybrid car with a high-voltage battery, do not touch the battery at all costs as these cars are designed specifically for heavy-duty electrical power.

Not Replacing the Drained Fluids

Fluids have so much to do in your car. It’s as important as gasoline. Not just the fuel, but other fluids in your car also bear a heavy burden. Sometimes, even heavier than the high octane you burn to keep going.

As you know, your car always needs oil. Otherwise, the engine’s moving parts go dry, and it’ll seize up. Same is the case with transmission fluid. Brake fluid is of great help in maintaining proper pressure within the braking system.

Besides, the car’s coolant keeps things from getting too hot and even too cold. And if your car runs out to these fluids, it can be disastrous. And if you have no idea about how to check the fluids, make sure you drive to the best Auto service in Dubai to get it fixed.


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